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The headache of looking for quality paint work is over with Kaz Commercial Painting. With many years of experience offering residential, commercial and industrial coating, Kaz Commercial Painters is one of the leading businesses this year. Many commercial properties have used us for our services because of the quality results we deliver. Intensive training and our strong worth ethic has made us as the go-to commercial painters in southern California.

Expert service and quality paint is what our company believes in.

We adhere to a mission of always performing at our best no matter what the circumstances is. Our customer service is our top priority because customer satisfaction is what makes motivates our commercial painting service. We wouldn’t be in business very long (or rather be known as the leader in commercial painting) if our core values wasn’t rooted in honesty, integrity, diligence, and a love of helping others. We offer services in Exterior Painting, Interior Painting and many more.

Interior Painting
Interior Painting
Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting
Commercial Painting
Commercial Painting
Industrial Painting
Industrial Painting
Caulking And Sealants Coatings
Caulking And Sealants Coatings
concrete and ceiling parking garage
Concrete And ceiling Parking Garage

Customized Commercial Painting in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County and more. Call today to schedule a service visit. Free Estimate!

Professional Commercial and Industrial Painting Services and in Los Angeles.

We take our services seriously as California’s commercial painting and industrial painting contractors. Our diligence and dedication within this industry is what fuels us to put together a clear strategy to make ourselves available for businesses that need our services. We offer premier commercial painting at rock bottom affordable rates compared to many local competitors in this industry. It’s not easy, however, it’s worth it because we’re here to stay and provide the best commercial painting services for you.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful and professional interior paint job, you can depend on us to perform at the highest standards. We offer free service calls and estimates. All you have to do is send us an inquiry or call and someone will be happy to help. We have a dedicated phone line where one our customer service specialist will greet you and will be happy to answer all your questions. Everyone from our in-house team undergoes our training program to learn the latest codes, methods and policies. We adhere to having a regular training program to ensure that quality results is provided to all our clients.

It has been said that a client is a by-product of a professional relationship earned over time. We don’t know where we heard it, but it resonated with us and we incorporated that statement as part of our mission as a professional commercial and industrial painting service. We have been going the extra mile for our clients for over 20 years and we’re still going strong. Why? It’s because we care. We care so much that we won’t stop until you’re satisfied with the work we do.

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Whether your commercial property is located in Los Angeles, Orange County, and surrounding areas, we’ll drive out to you and assess your property. We specialize in industrial paint and coating. Whether you need work for interior or exterior projects or rooms, we have all the tools and are fully licensed and certified to maintain great work. It’s our specialty to work with many different type of products such as different steels, metals, concrete and dry walls. We also work on many different type of settings and locations. Whether it’s a commercial garage, shopping center, sky scraper, refinery, or movie theater, we’re ready to get to work and complete the job.

Utilizing best work habits and adhering to a strict method of operation is vital for delivering exceptional work. There is no site that’s too challenging and no project unworthy. Our licensed industrial painters will follow all the rules necessary so there will be no repeats. We can go on and on about the necessary methods, tools, and procedures a painter must adhere to or you can give us a call so we can explain to you in finer details so you’ll better understand. We want your business and would love to answer all your questions regarding your property.

When to hire California-based Industrial Painting Contractors

We been serving many local businesses and instructions around the southern California area including Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, and many more. We’re happy to go out to your location over a 50 mile radius from where we’re located. We offer same day appointments and will assess your property and provide you a proposal. We understand that efficiency and quality service are the main components to ensure that work flow and operations are running effectively. A smooth operation and a consistent completion of day to day deadlines are the main reasons of producing success.

We value your time and money which is why we never push anyone to pursue a project they’re not ready for. We get that customer satisfaction begins with the customer and ends with the customer. We offering free estimates and arriving within a reasonable 1-4 hour window of operation has lead us as real competitors within our niche industry. Our competitive advantage is our quality service, work ethic, tight deadlines and fair prices you can’t beat. These days it’s hard to find quality work and a company you can trust. We understood that the landscape has been becoming more intense and more competitive as we just emerged from one of the craziest economic meltdowns since the great depression. Everyone is watching their dollar and adhering to a reasoned budget. But there’s a reason why you called the expert contractors in industrial painting. You want the best and we are here to give you the best. You really have no obligation to hire us, however we value your business and are here for all your commercial painting needs.

The Importance of Safety for Commercial Painters

Our licensed team of expert commercial painters in Los Angeles understand the importance of safety and anticipating that anything can happen. For some, it may be a dangerous job, however, at KAZ Commercial Painting it’s a lifestyle. Risk is part of life and to take precautionary steps forward we believe in incorporating an in-house risk management training program to ensure safety and security when we are out in the field. We inspect all the grounds and corners as well as anything else, and will take the extra steps to maintain and prevent any type of potential accident that may occur. All our employees s are certified on Ariel platforms. We barricade the surrounding areas of where we are working to protect against any type of hazard or danger within the area. We care about the welfare of all our staff and everyone else. We would never neglect this important part of our job.

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